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I Struggled with Grammar

In college, one professor said my writing was “beautiful,” but the grammar needed to be improved. I didn’t know how to improve my grammar, but I graduated with a bachelor’s in English anyway. I got a job as an English teacher anyway and got by for ten years with my sub par grammar skills.

I Studied Grammar

I wanted to become an SAT tutor, but, rightfully, no one would hire me because I had done so poorly on my SAT in high school. I took a practice SAT and got a 550 on the writing section. I was a veteran English teacher with a masters in English education and I only got a 550 on the SAT Writing Section. I reviewed my exams and was blown away. I didn’t know:

  • The rule of parallelism

  • Subject-verb agreement

  • Pronoun-antecedent agreement

  • Idioms

  • How to use a semi-colon

I began studying grammar. I took the SAT again and got a 650 on the grammar section. I got a job prepping students for the SAT English section. After leaving that job, I took the SAT again and scored in the 99 percentile of the SAT Writing Section.

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I started to teach kids the grammar lessons I never had as a child. I wrote 50 Grammar Rules Everyone Should Know to expand my reach on the children I could teach. Most grammar books are technical and dull. My grammar book is written with the mindset of teenagers in mind.