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What I Do

Schools do a poor job of teaching students how to write. Teachers will tell students to write paragraphs, then grade assignments with checks, pluses, and minuses. Some feedback such as “needs more details” is given. I, however, teach children how to plan, write, and proofread appropriately. I will even teach your child grammar.

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I originally set out to be an SAT tutor. Then I was asked to help a child on the ACT. Next, I was asked to help a student write a college essay. That student got into NYU-Shanghai. Months later, I was inundated with students who needed help with the SHSAT. Those students got into Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, York, and Townsend Harris. Once in a while, I got an SAT tutoring assignment, but more often, I’d be called for general writing help. Students struggled with organizing their thoughts, putting them on paper, and editing their work. I helped them all. I could help you too.


SAT / ACT Tutoring

The best way to study for the SAT is to take practice tests, pinpoint areas of weakness, and work to improve on those areas. As an SAT tutor, I review practice tests with students and give feedback on where students need improvement. Students continually work to overcome deficiencies so that they can perform to their potential on test day.


To get into Stuyvesant, your child will have to excel on the SHSAT, which tests reading comprehension in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry and knowledge of rhetoric and grammar. I will assign your child sample SHSAT exams from the official prep book, Kaplan, and Argo Brothers, then review those exams and work to improve your child’s reading comprehension and knowledge of rhetoric and grammar.

Homework Help

I’ve tutored students in everything from reading response logs to high school essays to Harvard University term papers. If your child needs a tutor show him or her to organize, write, and edit drafts, I am here for you. My goal is to teach your child so well that he or she won’t need me after a few months of tutoring.

Term Papers and College Application Essays

The college essay is not an essay. It’s a story. Start with the most interesting part, glide into a description of who you are and how you got into the interesting situation, get to the rising action and climax, and end by discussing how you’ll use the experience to become a better person in college. I can help your child with the college essay or any other high school assignment that focuses on writing.

Before I met Mr. John, I was scoring in the high 400’s in SAT Writing and low 500’s in the SAT Reading. After working with him for months, I scored a 690 on the SAT Reading and a 710 on the SAT Writing.
— Hansung, CUNY Baruch
Mr. Castellano tutored me three weeks before the ACT because I was unsure of my skills on the English section of the test. The results: my initial practice scores of 24, 29 and 8 on the writing, reading and essay section rose to a 31, 34, and 10, respectively, on the official exam.
— Kyle, NYU Shanghai
Mr. Castellano is a reliable mentor and an incredible source of motivation. He taught me to step out of my comfort zone and to explore the world around me. He pushed me to own my strengths and accept my weaknesses. He sees potential in all of his students and the helps them strive to be the best they can be.
— Alyssa, Student, St. John's University
Mr. Castellano helped me get a precious scholarship that allowed me to study in internationally renowned Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) in Berkeley, CA.
— Raj, San Francisco State University

My Impact

In addition to being a high school teacher, I worked in three test prep centers - Kent Prep in Bayside, G.E.M. in Syosset, Brown Academy in GreatNeck. I prepped students for the SHSAT and SAT and helped students write term papers and college essays. If you needed my help, you’d call the center, and the center would call me. Now that I’m independent, you can call, text, or email me directly. No medium. I’m only a few clicks away.



My SAT Writing Score

Okay, I was 37 years old when I took the test, but this is quite an accomplishment since I improved 130 points from the SAT I took two years prior and almost equaled the complete SAT score I received as a high school student.



Years Teaching HS English

I’ve taught every grade level in high school, special education, ESL, and AP. I’ve also hosted the last 13 graduations, qualified as a model teacher, attained a level two interview for the English AP job, and written two books.



Students in Hunter College HS

I may not be the reason that these two students got into Hunter College, but I did tutor them before they took the exam. All credit goes to their hard work and their parents for emphasizing the importance of education.


Where I Tutor:

Homes in the Bayside Area

Windsor Park Library

Fresh Meadows Library

Bean Square on Northern Boulevard

Starbucks on Horace Harding Expressway

*I’m flexible. Rates may coincide with location*


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